What do we know about the Apple Car?


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  • APPLE CAR What do we know about changing consumer preferences and the forces causing disruption in the automotive industry
  • Top conversations in the media about Millennials & Cars show that…
  • Why millennials aren’t driving 24% of conversation Alternative transit methods 24% of the conversation Challenges & costs of teens driving 20% of conversation Technology-driven car innovations 14% of the conversation Car models targeting young drivers 15% of conversation Consumer attitudes are changing, particularly Millennials
  • Uber / Lyft Sharing economy Car buying experience broken New car models for young drivers Costs / risks of teen driving Autonomous driving IoT/Connected Car technology Millennials & money City planning / alternative transit Car insurance Millennials pass on drivers licenses Sub-topics reveal that the future of transportation won’t be as simple as traditional car ownership
  • Who then will address the concerns of buyers? Could Apple rise above OEMs?
  • A123 lawsuit about talent poaching BMW / iCar partnership rumors Talks with GoMentum Station Apple - Tesla buyout speculation WSJ breaks story of ‘Project Titan’ Doug Betts hired from Chrysler Auto execs react to Apple Car - “not scared” Apple meets with California DMV Apple building smart windshields Apple hires NVIDIA machine learning expert Apple poaches engineers from Mission Motors, kills startup Apple acquires VocalIQ WSJ reports Apple Car to arrive in 2019 Looking at news and rumors about Apple Car allow us to piece together what might be next
  • Apple - Tesla buyout speculation CarPlay launched in Geneva WSJ breaks news on ‘Project Titan’ A123 lawsuit about talent poaching Apple to launch by 2019 Momentum is building, starting with the WSJ news break on ‘Project Titan’
  • 26% of total speculation about Apple Car is driven by reports of new hires hiring press other press Hiring patterns prove to be one of the strongest signals for Apple’s intent to build a car
  • Doug Betts - Fiat Chrysler, Global Quality Johann Jungwirth - Mercedes Benz R&D North America Paul Furgale - Autonomous Systems Lab, computer vision engineer Mujeeb Ijaz - A123, CTO Jamie Carlson - Tesla senior engineer Megan McLain, VW, engineer, autonomous driving Mission Motors John Ireland - Tesla powertrain test engineer Jonathan Chen - Nvidia, machine learning Xianqiao Tong - Nvidia, computer vision engineer Lech Szumilas - Delphi research scientist Stefan Weber - Bosch ADAS engineer Sanjay Massey - Ford connected car engineer Count of mentions By extracting the names of key hires, we see a focus on R&D and product talent from the auto industry
  • 2011 Oct. 2015 VocalIQ Limited builds a platform for voice interfaces for voice enable devices and applications. Its solutions are used in various applications, including smartphones, robots, cars, etc. 2013 Sept. 2015 Mapsense, Inc. offers mapping engine and developer tools to build applications for streaming datasets. 2008 May 2015 Coherent Navigation Inc. develops global positioning systems which combines mid-earth orbit satellite systems with Iridium Corporation's satellite constellation in low-earth orbit. 2002 Dec. 2013 Novauris Technologies Ltd develops server-based and embedded speech recognition systems to OEMs. 2004 July 2013 Hopstop.com, Inc. operates a pedestrian navigation service that provides door-to-door walking, biking, transit, taxi, and hourly car rental directions 2011 March 2013 (20M) Wifislam, Inc. develops location-based applications with microlocation ability. It offers Positioning SDK that makes accurate indoor positioning easy 2007 July 2011 (155M) C3 Technologies AB provides detailed 3D city visualization solutions for the Web mapping industry. Founded M&A Recent M&A activity also indicates that navigation could play a central role in the Apple Car
  • But competitors are boldly dismissing the threat and have caught the ear of journalists
  • “ I couldn’t type on it [the iPhone] and I still can’t type on it, and a lot my friends can’t type on it…It’s hard to type on a piece of glass. ” Mike Lazardis Former co-CEO, Research in Motion We’ve seen this type of response to Apple before
  • …will car companies be next? “ If there were a rumor that Mercedes or Daimler planned to start building smartphones then they would not be sleepless at night. And the same applies to me. ” Dieter Zetsche CEO, Mercedes-Benz
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