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Zhihao (Scott) Chen. [email protected] Dynamic Service Orchestration Business Rule Processing. Business Intelligence Analytics Context-Aware Computing. Applied Research in Software Engineering Architecting Product Prototyping. Mobile Apps and Business Processes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Zhihao (Scott) Chen [email protected]
  • What am I doing now
  • Evolution of COCOMO The variation of COCOMO, which focuses on light weight, highly calibrated with learning COCOMO Vista 2010
  • Software Engineering Software Management Business Intelligence Security Project Management Technical Architecting Quality Assurance Business Analytics Cost /Effort Control Opportunities
  • What was it like to be Barry’s student
  • * Windows 7 | Presenter Mode * Microsoft Confidential * Influencers – are those stakeholders that would not necessarily be qualified or targeted for certification but have the influence over ensuring that a security mindset is established as part of the business practice and would support or make decisions about spending the money to train and certify the staff Primary Target – are the most likely candidates for this education and certification program and would meet qualifications Secondary Targets – are those who are less likely to meet qualifications but could benefit from the education and aspire to obtaining the CSSLP as they move up in their career path. * Implementing HTML5 isn’t easy, it’s not small The index alone is 21 pages The doc itself is 994 pages, two reams of paper! Not easy to implement, lots of code Lots of security implications Lots of edge cases * *