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  • 1. The Last 35 Years Outcomes: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, & George Bush Sr.
  • 2. Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, & George Bush Sr. 1. Setting the Stage: Bad Presidential Decisions a. Lyndon Johnson’s actions around the Vietnam Conflict changed the view of the Presidency b. Richard Nixon’s action with Watergate scandal widened the credibility gap c. Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon was political suicide
  • 3. Jimmy Carter
  • 4. Jimmy Carter 2. 1976 Election a. Gerald Ford (R) ran against Jimmy Carter (D) b. Carter won narrow victory; won the popular vote by less than 2 million votes c. Carter became first president elected from the deep south in 128 years d. Carter was a peanut farmer, Senator, and Governor from Georgia
  • 5. Jimmy Carter 3. Jimmy Carter Pros a. Carter successfully mediated peace talks between Israel and Egypt b. Carter strongly emphasized human rights c. Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002; the only president to win after office d. Key figure in Habitat for Humanity since leaving office
  • 6. Jimmy Carter 4. Jimmy Carter Cons (Bad Timing?) a. Energy crisis in the late 1970s was sign of a failing economy b. Auto industry nearly collapsed c. Environmental problems: Love Canal i. Neighborhood in Niagara Falls, NY was built on toxic waste dump ii. 500 homes had to be demolished and citizens moved
  • 7. Iran-Hostage Crisis
  • 8. Jimmy Carter d. Iran Hostage Crisis i. 52 Americans were held hostage in the American Embassy in Iran ii. Took place during an Iranian Revolution iii. Operation Eagle Claw: failed rescue attempt – 2 aircraft and 8 servicemen were killed iv. Carter was unable to negotiate the hostages release v. Hostages were released after 444 days in captivity; release was negotiated by Ronald Reagan shortly after he was sworn in
  • 9. Jimmy Carter e. Soviets invade Afghanistan in 1979 i. Carter decides to boycott Moscow Summer Olympics in 1980 ii. Was seen as a weak response to Communist threat
  • 10. Jimmy Carter & Ronald Reagan 5. 1980 Election a. Jimmy Carter (D) ran against Ronald Reagan (R) b. Reagan was a former actor c. Carter’s weaknesses prompted Americans to vote for Ronald Reagan
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