Designing data centres for the future


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  • Designing data centres for the future things you need to know!10
  • 1 With ‘the internet of everything’ no longer just a thing of the future, mission critical failures will not be an option. High risk implementation planning will minimise the risk of down time. Minimise the risk of ‘down time’ AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • 2 As data centres need to become more flexible, fit into tighter spaces and be located in more remote locations, modular design will bring high reliability, reduced project deployment time and robust construction and testing. Modularisation AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • Early adoption of facilities management consideration is crucial for designing optimised, efficient and value- adding data centres that are prepared for future needs. 3 Data centre facilities management AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES 4 140% The average electrical load has risen 140 per cent in the last 10 years, from 500 kilowatts to 1,200 kilowatts per square metre. Will this trajectory continue? Staged growth approach A staged growth approach can help manage a data centre’s current needs and prepare for the needs of the future, whilst avoiding costly stranded plant.
  • Build space during the design phase: include different density zones in the site plan and provide flexibility in the white space zones to ensure expansion capability. 5 Be flexible during design AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • Renewable power is a growing ‘must have’ for data centres which use enormous volumes of electricity. Sites where renewable power is more readily available will become more popular. 6 Renewable power options AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • 7 There will be an increased focus on application resiliency as opposed to the performance of specific buildings. A mix and match approach will facilitate balance between availability versus resilience, consideration to the Tier rating, and the redundancy of the data centre. Mix and match designs AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • Increased processing power and the increase in output/watts used will bring higher power densities, encouraging the use of immersion and direct cooled IT equipment options. 8 Direct cooled IT equipment AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • 29 70% Free cooling ‘everywhere’ Locations where 70% of the time free cooling can be adopted, will become the ‘go-to’ locations. free cooling AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
  • Data centre operators now need to treat their infrastructure as a single system, and need to be able to measure and control their facilities. Converging the infrastructure instrumentation and control systems, and connecting them to IT systems will become essential. 10 Converged infrastructure intelligence AURECON ON FUTURISTIC DATA CENTRES
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