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Disadvantage of using papered documents Paperless India Name – Shrutika Suresh Oswal. Registration No - Disadvantage of papered document on daily life Harmful effects on environment Solution is paperless India Papered documents and their paperless solution Available fields for paperless India Key benefits Video explaining need and future benefits of paperless India Outline..... Paperwork Oh! God...... Keeping the track and managing the document is difficult in case of banking , government and private sectors. Physical transmission of documents is very difficult. Paper based system is costly and insecure. To carry the vehicle papered document at every time is quite impossible. For getting any certificate from government office ,is time consuming process. In large hospital for admitting a patient for operation requires an overnight stay for registration. Effect on Environment Deforestation is increased. 30 million acres of forest are destroyed annually. Nearly 35% tress cut down for producing paper alone. Surprisingly 115 billion paper sheets just used for printout in 1 year. Paper pollution rate increases gradually. Paper industries causes air , water and land pollution. Paper production uses up lots of water for A4 paper require 10 liters of water per sheet. Increase the availability , organization and retrieval of relevant information across your organization. Solution ...Paperless India Instead of using paper in your process use digital application. Use internet based technology and digital government applications. Make the appropriate use of digital government application such e-office , e-banking , e-books ,digital locker , online ticket booking , e-court , etc. Solution ...Paperless India News paper Banking document Books bus ,railway ,movie tickets Vehicle documents Office documentation Admission process in school , college Written exam All government certificate Online news paper app Net banking e-books e-tickets Online app e-office Online admission process Online exam e-certificate Papered Document | Paperless Solutions Educational Car related Financial documents Employment related Medical report e-court Digital locker Property related Insurance Identification proof Income tax related Banking related e-book Digital transaction Available fields for paperless India Increased productivity- reduce the amount of time employees spend on a task for retrieving information. Space savings – how many square feet of file cabinets are taking up expensive office space ? Cost saving – centralized web based storage and access to information can reduce printing paper costs from 20% - 30%. Custom solution becomes faster , reliable as well as efficient. Key Benefits.... My Dream Paperless and Green India