Lighting the way to Responsible Sourcing for Moabi Butter in Cameroon


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  • 1. Lighting the way to Responsible Sourcing for Moabi Butter in Cameroon
  • 2. ICONIC MOABI Native tree to the West African Forest  Baillonella Toxisperma sp., also called "African Pearwood" (Shea Butter Tree Family)  Fruit production begins at least 50 years after planting  Considered as a Holy tree by local communities
  • 3. AVAILABILITY of RESOURCE Distribution and Classification  "VULNERABLE" Status  Geographical Distribution Moabi Project Cameroon
  • 4.  MOABI wood is a source of income for local populations  Deforestation impacts the regeneration of the species A THREATENED TREE Resource seriously endangered by timber activities  General Forest activities endanger biodiversity in African countries
  • 5. LOOK for a SUSTAINABLE PATH Dialogue with local communities  Partner, local community, cooperative  Project discussion, development of a sustainable model based on economic viability  Local supply chain context / onsite mission
  • 6. 360° VIEW of PROJECT Sustainable Profitability for all is the key of success Long-Term Profitability Local Involvement Raw Material Availabilty Quality & Traceability Local Technical Know-How Transparent Communication Access to Market Preparing the Future "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" Brundtland Report, Our common future, 1987
  • 7. PROCESS Steps and know-how to obtain butter from seeds 2 31 4
  • 8. LOOK for a SUSTAINABLE PATH Focus on alternative uses  Traditionally used as a butter for cooking  Known as the Pygmy’s shea butter, moabi has excellent moisturizing and hair repair properties
  • 9. ACCESS to MARKET NATUREX ensures long-term value creation for Moabi  Quality control  Traceability  Local Process Optimization  NAT oleisTM  Cold-pressing and refinery know-how: 100% natural process
  • 10. PREMIUM COSMETIC PRODUCT with interesting benefits  Moisturizing  Barrier repair/Nourishing SKIN CARE  Repair  Shine HAIR CARE  Melting point of Moabi Butter: 26-28°C, it is a very sensorial and creamy butter.  Stable butter, Easy to formulate.  2 different benefits :
  • 11. 30 YEARS PROFIT : 21 000 € PREPARING the FUTURE Setting up a long-term benefit model  22,000 trees replanted and still counting…  MOABI Butter offers substantial income on a regular basis  BUTTER option outperforms TIMBER activity within 3 years  Replanting program carried out by locals, raising their awareness of resource preservation Estimated Comparative Income from 1 Tree - Debroux L.,1998 TIMBER INCOME : IMMEDIATE PROFIT : 1 650 € 3 YEARS PROFIT : 2 100 € 1 YEAR PROFIT : 700 € BUTTER INCOME :
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