Tea Benefits: The Advantages of the Daily Tea Drinking Habit


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  • Tea Benefits The Advantages of the Daily TEA Drinking HABIT @habitsguy
  • An ever increasing number of studies have come out over the past few years showing the benefits of regular consumption of tea.
  • Like any habit, regular tea consumption is something that anyone can do. It is simply a matter of creating a routine.
  • One of the most important aspects of creating a tea habit is finding the flavor you enjoy.
  • Black teas often have the strongest flavors. Green teas are usually the mildest. Oolong teas are somewhere in the middle.
  • Tea contains strong antioxidants that help prevent a huge host of diseases and maladies.
  • Benefits of Tea: • Hydrating to the body • Reduces risk of heart attacks • Help prevent a large amount of cancers • Fights free radicals • Provides mild protection from UV rays
  • Benefits of Tea: • Weight loss • Counteracts some of the effects of smoking and second-hand smoke • Has some mild effect on people recovering from exposure to radiation • Combats neurological diseases • Lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • Benefits of Tea: • Relieves constipation • Promotes a good night’s sleep (when caffeine free) • Lowers cholesterol • Good for a body’s natural fluid balance • Reduces diabetes suffering
  • Benefits of Tea: • Promotes healthy skin • Soothes stomach cramps • Anti-inflammatory • Anti-bacterial • Improves dental health
  • Benefits of Tea: • Mental alertness (via caffeine) • Lowers blood pressure • Reduces stress • Helps increase/maintain bone density • Improves digestion
  • This is not to say that tea is a magic bullet. But it also has no real negatives.
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