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By: NAME: MALEK TABASSUMBANU MUFISMIYA REGISTRATION ID:DB6213 MY DREAM ABOUT INDIA EDUCATION In future, literacy rate must be 100% so that from India poverty, starvation and regional beliefs are go back successfully. There are technology based teaching . There are huge number of jobs available in India and no any problem like unemployment.. Government school teaching and infrastructure like a private English school at very low fees. 100% women empowerment in India .If women will educated then population problems can be solved and so many things. 2 EDUCATION We often misuse the word ‘Education’ to mean literacy, but that’s not correct. Literacy: It is a quality through which one can acquire skills and knowledge. Education: It is a quality through which one can know how and when to apply this knowledge. Characteristics of literate person and educated person: Literate person: -Can read -Can write -Can gather knowledge -Can acquire skills Educated person: -Disciplined -Gentle -Well mannered -Respect others -Has a good judgment -They are good listener -They nurture and empower people around them ,and many more things . So future India require Educated person not literate people. There are no air pollution, water pollution. Air pollution can be prevented by greenery. Recycle and reuse wastage products. Greenery is most powerful factor for preventing pollution and it is also useful for rain. To control global warming effects it is the best way. For fresh air greenery is best approach. There are strictest restriction on use of polythene bags. Every where greenery, all places looks like a heaven. No Pollutions and Green India World Biggest Solar plant Solar energy is the cleanest and abundant renewable energy source available. Modern technology can harness this energy for a variety of uses, including generating electricity, providing light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial use. It is environmentally friendly, especially with respect to air pollution. Air emissions associated with generating electricity from solar technologies are negligible, because no fuels are burned, except on cloudy days . Corruption stops India from becoming a developed nation. India is poor because it is corrupt. let us fight corruption to realize our dream of corruption free India. Raise your voice against corruption. Corruption free India 6 There will no any terms like rich and poor in India. People of every religion should be the same. every one can achieve his/her goal without any gender discrimination. Equal rights for men and women. There are no any difference between men and women. My dream about Indian currency that the currency value of India is same as the currency value of U.S Today’s scenario of currency value of India is very low as compare to U.S dollar. 7 Clean nation If clean India then there are no any disease . Because Filth spread illnesses. If cleanliness around us then we feel better experience. For Health ,cleanliness must be required. So let’s start to make clean India and supports in making clean India. I hope our prime minister Mr. Narendra modi’s dream about ‘Swachchha Bharat’ will hopefully succeed within one year. Make India again ‘golden Sparrow’ Develop broad outlook not narrow Title India ‘Developed Nation’ Remove word ‘developing’ Make top and superpower of the world As no need of other’s helping Leave to take ‘Borrowed powers’ trend English can’t be our friends Corruption free nation World biggest solar plant to produce electricity Brighten Socialism, secularism Suns Throw down terrorism guns From this short poem I give dreams about my dream about India. finally, I would try to convey my dream about India In future, Girls are very safe in India. They can not feel unsecured at any time. Our country will known as ‘Developed Nation’ not a ‘developing nation’ There will be no word like poverty in India. Equal rights to men and women. I thought that India produces vehicles which will runs with water as a fuel, there are no need of any petroleum fuel. Food quality is very high. Every products are available in India, no need of any other country help. Hindi will be ‘International language’ not an English. Indian peoples would no need to learn an English. India will be a Hub of automobiles and new technologies. CONLUSION