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  • First Tweet (14 Agustus 2010):
  • 4 (+1) P P Product P Price P Place P Promotion P Packaging
  • 4P 4C
  • P ro d u ct C u st o m e r Wants & Needs
  • P ri ce C o st Is it worth it?
  • P la ce C o n ve n ie n ce How can we get it?
  • P ro m o ti o n C o m m u n ic at io n What’s in it for me?
  • P ac ka gi n g C u co k… . Attract
  • Who do you trust?
  • Do we need Social Media? Img: Social Media in Plain English.flv
  • indonesia internet and socmed users statistic
  • 74,6 JUTA Indonesia Internet User MarkPlus Insight Netizen Survey 2013
  • Online Activities 42% 56.10% 62.50% 69.40% 79.40% 95.90% Chatting Download/Upload Video Email Visiting Online News Portal Browsing Visiting Social Media MarkPlus Insight Netizen Survey 2013
  • 5/4/2014
  • 29.4M
  • Social Media Revolution (video) C:/Users/lenovo/Videos/Social Media Revolution 2013.flv C:/Users/lenovo/Videos/Social Media Revolution 2013.flv
  • So… HOW???
  • MEDIA The word “Social” is more important than “media”
  • Awareness: Majalah, Socmed, Offline roadshow, radio, TV Curiosity: Search blog, google, youtube Share: Socmed, Offline Consumption: Buy the product Share & Engage: Socmed, offline Loyalty: Beli lagi, bangun komunitas User Journey
  • How to Use Social Media to Engage With Customers ../../DBU - Socmed/1 Dramatic Shift in Marketing Reality (Scholz & Friends) (High).flv
  • Ask Question, Answer Question
  • Be Interesting!
  • Be Friend!
  • Be Honest!
  • promote other
  • Online – Offline Balance Online Promotion can be useless if you do nothing offline
  • Social Media Tips for Better Engagement
  • Facebook Insight Crowdbooster Tweetreach Twittercounter Google Analytics TOOLS
  • FACEBOOK INSIGHT From: Facebook Page Insight Guide
  • References • Presentasi Nukman Luthfie ( • Presentasi Social Media Marketing – Tuhu Nugraha • Presentasi Social Media – Donny BU • Indonesia Netizen Survey 2013 (Majalah Marketeers Nov 2013) • • • • • • •