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  • @johngrefe John Grefe James Steward Sales & Product Strategy & Design Fmr EW Sys Eng British Army, keen Sailor2x Entreprenuer, Fmr PM at LSG @james_steward Hello...
  • Price - is confusing. “I buy everything online - I can’t do that with my boat slip.” No easy way exists - to book a slip online. with Demand Problem
  • Demand has decreased - even before the recession. No end-to-end booking solution - unlike hotels & flights. General agony - with online marketing. with Supply Problem
  • An online platform for real time end-to-end bookings. Easy to Compare & Buy Easy to Manage & Sell Solution
  • Find - Augmented Reality Book and Pay Marina Software notified Reserve - Smartphone App API - Real-time purchasing Everybody is happy
  • Just in the US 1.25M - Boats over 26ft 800k Slips - in Marinas & Dockominiums $3.12B spent on Marina slips a year 67% - Average occupancy(2012) Market Validation
  • In the US 714k - Boats not currently in Marinas 264k Slips - to fill Market Size
  • Product Book & Pay! Search by Location Read Reviews & Compare Prices
  • $7.99 for the App | $500/yr featured Marina Transactions: 15% short stay | 20% Annual stay 50% of partner MMS sales | % Bookings via API Business Model
  • Partnership NetworkEvents America’s Cup Great Loop Cruisers Boat Shows Market Adoption
  • Competition LocalizedInternational Non-Sophisticated Capable
  • Only Booking App Trademarks Live on Ramen Never Sleep On Trade Association BoardsOnly API Truly International Ruby on Rails Patents Competitive Advantage Agreements with MMS companies
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