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Folie 1 EuroCases service: National case law linked to EU law Presentation Plan Service overview Content scope Data sources Main features Search Quick search Advanced search Working with documents and lists of documents Editorial added value Access to the service 2 Service Overview Multilingual online legal information service: Interface languages: English, French, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch Ensuring access to national case law linked to EU law Created in the context of EUCases project, financed by the EC through the Seventh framework programme Offering cross-border information about cases where national courts apply norms of EU law as well as the principles established by the jurisprudence of the EU Court of Justice Serves the needs of legal professionals who: Apply EU provisions and rulings of the Court of Justice in their daily work Have a good command of one or more foreign languages, and Are interested in the achievements of jurisprudence of other Member States with EU relevance Deal and have interest in the work and proceedings of the ECHR EuroCases is a service with European added value 3 Content Scope 4 Circa 340,000 documents in 4 data collections: EU Legislation – founding treaties, international agreements, secondary and complementary legislation In 4 languages: English, French, German and Bulgarian EU case law – all judgments, orders and opinions of the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal In 4 languages: English, French, German and Bulgarian National case law with EU relevance – more than 150,000 decisions of the supreme courts and lower instance courts of the Member States in 19 areas of EU law Texts are in the language of the case, but most important cases are available with keywords, classification headings and summaries in EN, FR or DE Case law of the European Court of Human Rights All judgments and decisions of the Court in English and French Content Scope (cont.) 5 Data Sources 6 EuroCases aggregates and re-uses data from a variety of EU and national legal sources, for instance: 7 Jurisdiction Rulings (*) Austria 42,810 Bulgaria 38,510 France 34,562 Germany 15,537 United Kingdom 2,852 Other EU Member States 18,046 Court of Justice of the EU 24,471 European Court of Human Rights 46,232 EU legislation 124,313 Total 347,333 EuroCases in Numbers (*) Up to June 2016 Main Features: Quick Search 8 Just type your query here Filter search results Main Features: Advanced Search 9 Search area Search by legal terms Search by cited legal instrument / provision Main Features: Advanced Search (cont.) 10 Search by cited legal instrument 11 Main Features: Advanced Search (cont.) Search by cited provision 12 Advanced Search: Search Results Number of documents found 13 Editorial Added Value Key words and summary in English and German 14 Editorial Added Value (cont.) Metadata and classifications 15 Editorial Added Value (cont.) Links to other documents, cited in the judgement 16 Editorial Added Value (cont.) In-line links to cited EU legal instruments 17 Access to EuroCases: Take a free Tour Access to EuroCases without registration limited to: Some main features: Quick and Advance search Filtering the search results Links from other documents 4 types of example documents: National case EU case ECtHR case EU legislative instrument 18 19 EuroCases Exclusive Offer Interested? 20