How do you build a top performing public procurement team?

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PowerPoint Presentation Six insights from Simon Walsh Procurement Director Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust How do you build a top performing public procurement team? Procurement leadership In B Magazine, procurement leader Simon Walsh spoke to Banner about his 29 year NHS career to date - and the key factors in getting results Simon’s role Head of a 60-strong procurement team, Simon Walsh has helped the Trust move from the worst performing NHS procurement department in the country to one of the best He now looks after a £1 billion budget, 13,500 people and the purchase of one million items every year So what does it take to achieve effective procurement? Getting there Some years ago the team took out paper and moved to a fully electronic system Gone were the days of processing paper requisitions, orders in envelopes and staff placing paper orders Look outwards Simon has roles in several external procurement and national working groups He has regular meetings with NHS Supply Chain and the Department of Health… …and is involved with the Lord Carter initiative, aimed at saving the NHS £5 million Show leadership “It’s important that the head of procurement sets the standards, is a role model and reports directly to the board. “A leader needs to have a direct connection with the decision makers and the authority to influence change.” "All members of a procurement team should know who the procurement director is, even if they don’t speak on a regular basis. “They need to know that ultimately, they can approach them about an issue or for advice." Build trust “A procurement director needs to be an inspirational figure while also having the ability to relate to and communicate with all members of staff. “They should remain accessible, but retain appropriate recognition of being in a leadership role.” Inspire Look ahead An even more cohesive procurement system will be critical to the NHS in years to come: "While good work is already being done, there is a need for clear leadership and direction. This can only come from bodies that have a national footprint and a national mandate.” ….look ahead “NHS procurement is not a single structure organisation and this amplifies the need for leadership. Ultimately one person does not purchase one item for the entire NHS.” To read more and find out which two initiatives Simon believes will set the scene for NHS leadership in the future, read the full interview in B Magazine You can also follow Banner on LinkedIn Or join us on Twitter