16 things that Panhandlers can teach us about Content Marketing


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  • 16 things Panhandlers can teach us about promoting our content Brad Farris, Executive Editor EnMast.com @blfarris [email protected]
  • With so many in need, how do you decide who to give to?
  • With so many links, how do you decide who to click on?
  • "Successful panhandling is a lot like successful advertising. It's reaching a jaded audience in a saturated market by finding a message that jumps out and grabs you." ~ Cathy Davies
  • Treat it like a job.
  • Go where the tra!c is.
  • Be useful.
  • Make a personal connection.
  • Everyone loves a good story.
  • Be specific. Always have a clear call to action.
  • Be honest.
  • Humor works.
  • Humor works.
  • Be one of a kind.
  • Don’t be afraid of a little controversy.
  • Be adaptable. Do more of whatever works.
  • Adapt what’s working for others!
  • Good images help.
  • People in beaters give more than people in BMWs
  • When all else fails, make it a contest.
  • Be an artist!
  • Brad Farris EnMast.com @BLFarris 773-282-7677