Did Iraq Have WMDs?

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  • N E W S F E A T H E R . C O M [ U N B I A S E D N E W S I N 1 0 L I N E S O R L E S S ] D o c u m e n t j u s t i f y i n g I r a q w a r d e c l a s s i f i e d D I D I R A Q H A V E W M D s ? • On March 20, 2003, the US launched a war against Iraq. • Bush admin. said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. • They said Iraq was developing bio & chemical weapons. • And that Saddam Hussein was training al Qaeda operatives. • Evidence of the claims is in the National Intelligence Estimate. • The NIE has just been declassified and released. • The NIE does not make clear if any of those threats were valid. • NIE says Hussein did not have enough material for a nuke. • NIE says intelligence is unsure about bio/chemical weapons. • NIE says Hussein was not working with al Qaeda.