TTIP: How multionationals try to fool civilians, again!

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  • TTIP? No, thanks! How big multinationals try to fool civilians, again! Matthijs Pontier, Piratenpartij
  • Problems in EU • Too much top-down • Lack of democratic control • Too much power with too many people  Lobbyists’ paradise
  • TTIP: Treaty against civilians • Lobbyists behind closed doors • Protects interests multinationals • Commission: ‘TTIP = ACTA through backdoor’ • At the expense of: – Civil rights – Environment – Democracy
  • ‘Market Harmonization’ EU-US • Less restrictions on fracking • Less restrictions on GMO’s • Makes turning back privatizations impossible • Stricter copyright laws • Stricter patent laws
  • Economic Costs/Benefits TTIP • Most positive scenario EU: 0,48% economic growth in 2027 – > not even 0,05% per year!! • Costs according to OFSE report: 47 billion – Reduction trade barrier tariffs: 30 billion – Changes labour market: 10 billion – Less taxes: 7 billion
  • Capaldo (UN Global Policy Model)
  • Race to the bottom
  • Trading away our democracy • Germany: Phasing out nuclear energy (3,7bn) • Canada: Prohibition shale gas winnings (250m) • Philip Morris in Uruguay (2bn) – BBP Uruguay: 60 miljard  >3%!! • Civilians pay through tax • Tribunal puts trade above everything Also above human rights and environment
  • TTIP
  • There is no planet B
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