Realcomp's RCO3 System Enhancement Summary

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  • Tuesday, April 9, 2013: New Realcomp Features Bring Expanded Capabilities to MLS Subscribers! View a summary of the new functions—learn how they will benefit you and your clients!
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  • An ‘Additional Data’ tab has been added to the RCO3 menu, which enables MLS Subscribers to access all data sharing-related links (some of which were previously listed under ‘External Links’).
  • All Inclusive
  • The Client Portal has been revamped based on user feedback! Now, your clients can communicate their thoughts to you through the “Listing Notes” feature, (and you with them). Use the power of the MLS system to easily converse with clients about listings, storing all of your notes (and theirs) in a logical convenient place (the portal).
  • The Client Portal enhancements also allow your clients to perform searches against the MLS (based on map area and a limited number of additional fields). They can do this to locate additional properties outside of the criteria you originally established for them. Now, they no longer need to visit 3rd party websites to find matches based on “other criteria”. They can also save these searches, which you then have the ability to reference through the portal.
  • You also have access to a brand new, robust Statistics module through RCO3. It includes system preset reports and many customization options (including Production and Inventory reports). Explore the many reports and options that allow you to gather market facts for your buyers & sellers. You also have the ability to export data from many of the reports to an Excel CSV file for further analysis or manipulation. You also have the ability to run Stats reports through Searches. Check them out.
  • Consolidated Agent Information Management Want to change your information in the RCO3 Header & Footer? In the CMA Cover Sheet? In your Portal? In your e-mail signature? Now, you can go to one place on RCO3®, “My RCO” & “Settings” to make edits to your information in all places.
  • New Reports – New Flexibility! With this upgrade, you’ll gain access to new single line “grid reports”. With the new grid reports, you gain the ability to resize and re-order columns.
  • Additionally, more system integration features will be announced officially at the ‘Realcomp with Friends’ 2013 Tools of the Trade REALTOR® Expo on Thursday, April 18, 2013 in Dearborn! Register to attend at! We hope you’ll join us that day to learn more about the CoreLogic Data Co-Op and RPR functions being integrated into RCO3®, and the benefits they’ll bring to you as a Realcomp REALTOR®.
  • Questions about these enhancements? Contact us at (866) 553-3430, via e-mail at [email protected], or through our new “Chat/Feedback” option. * * * * * * * * * * *