Bernadette McClelland - Advocate for Professional B2B Selling


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Slide 1 Whether you are a large sales team in Atlanta, Georgia, a room filled with hundreds of sales leaders in Delhi, India, an intimate sales conference in Queenstown, NZ , or a conference of industry delegates in outback Australia, Bernadette will deliver your message to your audience in the most inspiring, educational and entertaining way. 2015 Speakers Kit available now. 10 Years Ago: Senior Sales Executive for Xerox, Kodak and Computer Associates over two decades 5 Years Ago: CEO of a bricks and mortar retail/wholesale business and Telstra and Powercorp Award Recipient Today: A ChangeMaker and Advocate for the Profession of B2B Selling Whether you are looking to change your sales process, align to your target buyer, or jumpstart innovation initiatives, we can help you lead and drive that transformation within your organization. Goal: Define Steps to Achieve Goals Whether you are looking to pilot a new concept within your organization or you are in need of a team to launch and implement new campaigns within a timeframe, we can help you do it. Goal: Jumpstart Revenue Generation Whether you are looking to motivate large audiences at annual conferences or activate your local team on a critical initiative, Bernadette can lead a conversation that accelerates your results. Goal: Reinvigorate Your Audience. Women Who Sell: With only 39% of Women in B2B Sales and Sales Leadership Roles I am passionate about strengthening those numbers! CONNECT WITH ME TODAY: LinkedIn: Twitter: b_mcclelland Email: [email protected] Web: