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  • - Boost sales instantly with customer experience; customer experience guru tells you how I have been growth hacking globally for over seven years, and I know that it requires a holistic approach to the marketing, sales and business practices of a company. I’m always looking for new insights, so I am pleased when I encounter professionals like Jaakko Männistö, a customer experience (CX) guru from Scandinavia. I have already published some of his insightful articles. My recent interview of him began with a single challenging question: --Christian Dillstrom WHAT SEPARATES YOU FROM ALL OTHER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE GURUS OF THE WORLD?
  • I would have to say “instant gratification”. I always try to convert customer experience into an immediate increase in sales. OKAY. MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT CX IS ABOUT COLLECTING CUSTOMER-EXPERIENCE DATA AND ANALYZING IT. IT’S NOT A METHOD OF INSTANTLY BOOSTING SALES! Heh. You have been listening all the other CX guys in the world. I have learned that only very big corporations perform the actions that are called for by their analysis of customer experience data. Well, that is not strictly accurate. Smaller companies also take some action. But many of them do not seem to consider the link between customer experience and sales increases to be as crucial as the big guys do. I used to feel quite disappointed when my CX work—and that of my colleagues around the globe— got wasted because clients failed to take relevant action. I worked to solve that very expensive problem so that client companies won’t be pointlessly losing sales they don’t need to lose. BUT I’M NOT HEARING HOW YOU TRANSLATE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DATA INTO INSTANT SALES. I’m getting there, Christian! The way to stop sales from bleeding away is simple, in essence. I simply followed the worldwide trend toward instant gratification. There are a few reasons why smaller companies often fail to take instant action to fix their customer service problems even after we’ve pointed them out. One is that they fail to see the true cost of these problems. Or else they lack the time to fix the problems. Or lack the resources to fix the problems. To leapfrog all these obstacles, we developed what I call the instant-gratification solution. It has two steps: 1. Create instant mobile alerts that advise the client's employees to fix the CX problem of the moment with manual labor—as soon as possible. 2. Respond to the customer who gave the feedback with an instant upsell offer.
  • SO, EVERY CUSTOMER OF YOUR CX CLIENTS IS RECEIVING AN UPSELL OFFER? Not all of them. Just the customers who give feedback. And since we know what these customers think about the client’s brand—their feedback has just told us—we can offer them the most suitable upsell offer. For example, if buyers are unhappy about something, we may offer them a discount on a product or service related to their original interest. This way, they feel that our client cares about their making amends and improving their experience. If they aren’t unhappy, we may offer them something more expensive related to their original interest. Happy people are also more likely to buy something of greater value if they get an appropriate offer. And we will know exactly what these buyers are interested in, because our CX clients have unlimited opportunities for offline and online points of engagement. There’s always another chance to find out what customers are thinking. WHY SEND INSTANT MOBILE ALERTS TO THE CLIENT’S EMPLOYEES? Because you need to respect buyers by tackling their problems with the customer experience at the moment that they are having those problems. It usually takes time for clients to fix CX problems permanently. We have to accept that. But employees can always do something to improve the situation until that permanent repair happens. There is no point in making their customers suffer from the delay. Our CX client also receive information how often certain problems appear and the extent to which sales are in danger because of them. Of course, customer experience analytics are also included. DO YOU DO CUSTOMER-EXPERIENCE CONSULTING ONLY FOR RETAIL STORES? We cover all company sizes, and all industries, globally. We adapt our solutions to the client’s specific circumstances. We can apply the same upsell solution—minus instant mobile alerts to employees where that is inapplicable—to substantially increase the sales of companies that mail large amounts of paper invoices. We can apply it to clothing, accessories, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and other goods manufacturers. We can also multiply the sales of online payment processors by up to five times.
  • CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT PAPER INVOICE SOLUTIONS? THAT SOUNDS INTRIGUING. Some of our CX clients send millions of paper invoices every month. Of course, they tried to generate upsell in the process. But the results weren’t that great. The reason is very simple. The customer has just received a negative kind of message from our client—the invoice. Perhaps some time after ordering the product or service. Having to pay a bill is not the most fun thing in life. Since many customers right at that moment feel a bit negative towards our client's brand, they really do not feel like buying more from them at that moment. That's where we come to the rescue. We come in as a different brand, and all we do is politely ask the customer for feedback. They get a chance to express any negative feelings they may have. They get it out of their system, so to speak. And so, they are in a more accepting mood when we make our upsell offer. SO, WHAT'S THE SOLUTION FOR THE FMGC, CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES AND OTHER GOODS MANUFACTURERS? One of our CX clients, an FMGC manufacturer, wanted to know what buyers thought about them. But they also wanted to collect their email addresses. They were under constant pressure from resellers to make their goods sell better than competing products. Average sales per square meter is important to every reseller. So, we figured out how to insert our feedback request into their package print and managed to collect a very accurate marketing database for each product and postal code. Now these clients can not only do an instant upsell, they can also send buyers email marketing to quickly increase sales of particular goods in particular postal codes. Because the client knows what the customer bought before, they know exactly what to offer them in the email marketing. For example, say you are a clothing company, and you know that a buyer bought your jacket and liked the jacket. You also know that your local reseller has trousers in stock that would go great with that jacket. So why not email a marketing message to this buyer about the trousers and how well they match the jacket?
  • PRETTY SMART. HOW DO THE ONLINE PAYMENT PROCESSORS TIE IN WITH ALL OF THIS? As soon as a buyer has paid for his order, it’s a good time to request feedback from him, and it will most likely be quite positive feedback. When customers are feeling positive and in a buying mood, they are more likely to take us up on our upsell offer. If an online payment processor partners with us and offers this upsell option on a commission-only basis with online stores, they can easily multiply their average income per online payment they handle by a factor of five. I SUPPOSE SETTING ALL THIS IN-MOTION COSTS QUITE A BIT? The opposite. We make sure that our customer-service clients earn much more in sales than what they pay to us. Constantly increasing the sales of our clients is the best way to ensure mutual profitability and a long-term business relationship. MAKES SENSE. I FOLLOW THE SAME PRINCIPLE WITH MY OWN CLIENTS. HOW ABOUT THE IMPLEMENTATION? IS THAT A TEDIOUS PROCESS? No. We are anti-tedious-process here. Remember what I said about instant gratification. We believe that the client should be able to see results within hours instead of days or weeks. The start of a business relationship often sets the tone for the whole relationship, so why not hit the ground running? We have teams and processes in place to help new clients get started quickly and easily. JAAKKO, I’VE GOT CLIENTS OF MY OWN IN 130 COUNTRIES AND A BROAD RANGE OF INDUSTRIES. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO SERVE ALL OF THEM? We can serve all of them. We have no problem helping clients anywhere in the world.
  • And our solutions are not industry-dependent. Wherever they may be around the globe, our customer-service clients can be up and running within 24 hours to instantly begin making more sales. And they can benefit from unlimited points of engagement with the customer—not just one or two. Imagine, for example, a store with 100 points of engagement! SOUNDS GOOD. DO YOU HAVE ANY DEAL SWEETENER THAT I COULD OFFER MY CLIENTS ALONG WITH MY RECOMMENDATION? No deal sweetener is necessary. Any business may use for our service for free for the first 30 days to instantly increase their sales. They just need click here to book a free teleconference with us to get started. MY CLIENTS INCLUDE ADVERTISING AGENCIES, BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, AND DEVELOPERS OF WEB SITES AND ECOMMERCE. ARE YOU OPEN TO LOCAL PARTNERS AND RESELLERS? Yes, we are. And we have had excellent and very lucrative experiences in that regard. It’s win-win. So, I am always ready to talk with new potential local partners and resellers. They just need to click here to book a free teleconference and we can start talking. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. I’M SURE WE’LL BE HEARING MORE FROM YOU. BACKGROUND Christian Dillstrom is a global growth hacker who has growth-hacked more than 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies over the last seven years. Mr. Dillstrom is responsible for over 100 marketing and sales innovations. Over 350 million of his marketing solutions are currently active on the Internet.
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