- FMGCs: Boost sales quickly with feedback - a CX guru tells how it is done


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  • - FMGCs: Boost sales quickly with feedback - a CX guru tells how it is done I have been growth hacking globally for over seven years, and I know that it requires a holistic approach to the marketing, sales and business practices of a company. I’m always looking for new insights, so I am pleased when I encounter professionals like Jaakko Männistö, a customer experience (CX) guru from Scandinavia. I have already published some of his insightful articles. My recent interview of him began with a something he said about FMGCs (Fast Moving Goods Companies), their sales and feedback. --Christian Dillstrom YOU ARE SAYING THAT THERE IS A WAY FOR FMGCS TO GENERATE IMMEDIATE SALES WHENEVER AND WHEREVER WANTED WITH LOW COST THROUGH CUSTOMER FEEDBACK? Yes, that is exactly what I am saying!
  • Everyone who gives feedback will receive a preset upsell offer that can be changed at any time. Upsell offer will adjust itself depending on what kind of feedback has been given. Negative feedback will receive compensation type of upsell offer and positive feedback will receive an upsell offer of more expensive good. Also, we make it possible for our FMGC clients to send email marketing messages to buyers of their goods. Our FMGC clients will know exactly what goods buyer has bought and where the buyer is located. HOW CAN YOU COLLECT SUCH MARKETING DATABASE FOR FMGCS? That is actually quite easy – our FMGC clients have our feedback request visible in packaging or labels of their goods. Their customers only need to use web browser on their mobile phone to give a feedback – no need to download or install or send anything. We will receive a lot of feedback as each feedback is another ticket to win a latest iPhone in our monthly prize draw. People just love prize draws and they like to get paid for their efforts – and they feel that a prize draw is a payment enough for them. Naturally, customers will need to provide us their email address to be able to receive information have they won in our monthly prize draw. They are also happy to do so – to win a latest iPhone. We will also receive a lot more feedback than normal customer experience companies because of our prize draw. Best of all, we will also receive feedback from customer groups that seldom bother giving feedback. Usually customer experience data are quite biased as angry and happy customers are very much over presented in it – our customer experience data are therefore safer base for business decisions. AREN’T THE RESELLERS KEEPING FMGCS AWAY FROM CUSTOMERS? That they are really trying to do. Although, at the same time, resellers are quite regularly asking marketing spending from FMGCs to increase sales of their goods. As sales per square meter is very important for resellers, they demand marketing actions from FMCGs to keep their goods in the most valuable locations on the shelves or to avoid being dropped all together because of lower sales result than their competitors.
  • Unfortunately, the most cost effective and powerful marketing – a very precise email marketing – is not possible as resellers do not allow FMGCs to collect emails of buyers. The rest of the available marketing solutions are very expensive. Unless FMGCs is our client. Also, resellers really love the instant upsell that our FMGC clients can now provide. SO, BESIDE INSTANT UPSELL OFFER, YOU OFFER A POSSIBILITY TO EMAIL CUSTOMERS? WHO WOULD WANT TO RECEIVE EMAIL MARKETING MESSAGES? You are correct – no one wants to receive email marketing messages—unless those messages are done correctly! That is why we will collect for our FMGC clients very precise and localized email marketing database. That makes it possible if you are, for example a clothing company, and you know that a buyer bought your jacket and liked the jacket. You also know that your local reseller has trousers in stock that would go great with that jacket. So why not email a marketing message to this buyer about the trousers and how well they match the jacket? I do not know about you, but I would want to receive an email marketing message like that! OKAY, I GET IT, BUT WHY IS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IMPORTANT IN THE FIRST PLACE FOR FMGCS? It’s always been important. But in today's world, when technology is evolving so rapidly, the experience you offer to your customer is the only way to create a sustainable competitive edge. Ensuring a high-quality customer experience is a great way to pump up your sales. And isn't that the point of a good customer relationship? Your customers buy more and they are happy to do so! PRETTY SMART, BUT WHY WOULD A FMGCS PUT THIS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ENGAGE POINT INTO THE PRICE TAGS OR PACKAGING OF THEIR GOODS? First of all, there is only one way to bloom in business in longer period and that is happy customers. It is the only way. And the only way to create happy customer is to know how they feel about your goods so that you can improve and remove problems.
  • Second, still the world's most valuable thing is your targeted marketing database. It is more important to you than a pile of gold as you can keep on making more sales from it. And this is exactly what we are creating for our clients. Highly targeted marketing database with the knowledge of previous experiences of your customers. Lastly, instant sales boost through automatically adjustable upsell offer for each good is a great reason too. BUT HOW DO YOU REACH THE CUSTOMER AND MEASURE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? Software - simple as that. We have created a cloud based software that you can use to measure your customer’s experience and then upsell instantly to that same customer. This is software that can be deployed easily and practically everywhere. We can interact with the customer at any point in the customer journey, from websites to brick- and-mortar. It really doesn’t matter whether we reach the customer through his mobile phone or through a kiosk in a store front. We can create the upsell the same way. With one pasta and dry food manufacturer that we worked with, this meant bringing the measurement tool to the product packaging. We were able to create a highly-advanced marketing database of thousands of customers in just a couple of months. WELL, CAN´T COMPANIES DO THIS KIND OF THING WITH THEIR EXISTING MARKETING TOOLS? The problem is that most companies don't even have a very precise marketing database. Which is crazy! So, there’s no targeting. They’re just offering the same generic offers to everyone. What we also do is measure the customer experience and communicate with the customer using what we have learned. We tailor our response. This is something that companies often can’t do by themselves. OK, I THINK THAT MOST OF MY FMGC CLIENTS WOULD BE INTERESTED ABOUT THIS – HOW COULD THEY GET STARTED?
  • That is very easy, as they just need click here to book a free teleconference with us to get started. They can also increase their sales for free for the first 30 days to see the concrete results of our services. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Mr. Jaakko Männistö and! BACKGROUND Christian Dillstrom is a global growth hacker who has growth-hacked more than 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies over the last seven years. Mr. Dillstrom is responsible for over 100 marketing and sales innovations. Over 350 million of his marketing solutions are currently active on the Internet. Every month, 18 million business people read his Growth Hacking articles at SlideShare. Click here to read them. Mr. Dillstrom has founded and managed three global startups and has evaluated and consulted with over 300 startups around the globe since 1999. To get in touch with Christian Dillstrom, book a free teleconference with him, please click here.