5 Annoying Excel Pivot Table Problems


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Excel Video Tutorials Annoying Excel Pivot Table Problems 5 and how to solve them 1 Old Items in Pivot List 1 Problem # No Central data, still in list 2 Change Pivot Setting Pivot Options - Data tab Change Retain Items to “None” 1 Fix # 3 GetPivotData Formula 2 Problem # Link to pivot cell creates GetPivotData formula 4 Turn Off GetPivotData Ribbon – Options tab 2 Fix # 5 Show Sum Not Count 3 Problem # Some values show Count not Sum 6 Blanks & Text Blank or text items cause problem Fix data or change in pivot table 3 Fix # 7 New Data Missing 4 Problem # New data added, not in pivot table 8 Use Table for Data Build pivot from Formatted Table Automatically expands 4 Fix # 9 Show All Items 5 Problem # Show all Cities for all Products even if no sales 10 Pivot Field Setting Layout & Print – Show Items With No Data 5 Fix # 11 Excel Pivot Table Links Clear old data from drop downs Turn off GetPivotData Change Count to Sum Include all new data Show items with no data 5 12 Pivot Table Tutorials http://www.contextures.com/xlPivotAddIn.html Visit Contextures.com Time-saving Pivot Table Add-in