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  • Cloud Welcome to the Future
  • App mobility is changing the the entire software development industry. You must now enable your users to access critical data from anywhere. They require your app to be just as productive, or even more productive, as they would be in the office? At its heart, this is a productivity issue, not a mobility or software issue. You can’t achieve productivity through mobile devices alone — you achieve it via a connected cloud app and productivity solution LiveCode provides. The cloud gives your App an edge
  • All Roads lead to the Cloud
  • Cloud Infrastructure innovation isn’t just about hardware. LiveCode has led the cross platform industry by providing you the ability to use one language, even on the web server. Thats right, we have innovated and created an incredible web server script that uses the same language as you do to create apps. No need to learn PHP, Ruby, Pearl or any of the other web languages. One language is all you will ever need. One
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  • No App is an Island
  • In our ever more integrated world, the cloud is a must. We’ll make sure that by the end of the course you understand what its good for and how to use it to benefit your app and your customers. You will also learn how to connect to your app to existing web services. We will also show you how to create the Stock, Map and Weather apps which use Google and Yahoo API web services. It’s all about Connections
  • All Talk
  • Even the simplest app is likely to require data. Whether its storing photos, accessing or updating addresses, managing a High Scores board for users, running an inventory for a business, or holding medical records, there are a thousand reasons you will need to manage data in your app. Access to the cloud is a must for a modern app, and your on-rev hosting is somewhere you can keep your databases. It comes with mySQL pre- installed and ready for you to use. Clouds of
  • Create it With LiveCode offers pre- installed access to LiveCode Server. This provides an easy way to integrate server-side scripting with your app, which is critical to adding value to your app. Using the identical language you use to write the app itself. You don’t need to learn difficult and obscure server languages, just use LiveCode to control your cloud, hosting and data integration. We’ll show you how in our course. Cloud