The How-To Guide for TeamSnap Live!


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  • The How-To Guide for
  • Missing the soccer tournament because someone had to stay home?!slideshare
  • Have a last minute cancellation and need to notify your team?!slideshare
  • Lost at sea, but still trying to keep in touch?!slideshare
  • Try!slideshare
  • Step 1: Update to the latest version of TeamSnap on your device, and make sure your TeamSnap notifications are enabled.!slideshare
  • Step 2: Select the "TeamSnap Live!" menu item from your team's dashboard.!slideshare
  • Step 3: Take your team!slideshare
  • Browse the Live! room list and choose which event to chat about. It's communication at the speed of your thumbs.!slideshare
  • Customize which notifications you want to receive from the Preferences menu.!slideshare
  • Tap the Scoreboard to update the score in real time. Keep the folks at home on the edge of their seats.!slideshare
  • Have a last-minute message for your team? Send important alerts from the Locker Room instantly.!slideshare
  • Share photos with anyone who can't be there. Triumphant victory poses are optional, but recommended.!slideshare
  • Last minute rainout? Other team forfeit? Roving herds of wild sheep taking over the field? Don't worry! Just let everyone know with a quick TeamSnap Live! message.!slideshare
  • What will you do with TeamSnap Live!?!slideshare
  • Don't have a TeamSnap account yet? Sign up. download the app If you're on Android, download If you're on iOS, from the Apple store. from the Google Play store.!slideshare
  • Connect with us on social media:!slideshare