How to install cannon printer driver for linux ubuntu


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PowerPoint Presentation How to Install Canon Printer Driver for Linux Ubuntu? Just Call :1-800-956-0247 Complete tutorial shows you step by step guide to install Canon printers driver on Ubuntu Linux desktop…… Just Call :1-800-956-0247 Step - 1 Open Ubuntu’s terminal windows, shortcuts are Ctr+Alt+t. Press enter and execute command. Step - 2 Search for “linux [myDellModNumRounded]” You Need to Round Down the Printer Model Number As here Below… Eg: for ‘mx472′ search for “linux mx470″ Or for ‘iP2702′ search for “linux iP2700″ Step - 3 Open a File Manager Window Go to Home > Downloads Step - 4 Double-Click on Printer Driver Step - 5 Extract into /tmp Step - 6 Installing Cannon Printer Driver In case you are facing difficulty while setting up Cannon printers in Linux and Ubuntu platform, call  Cannontechnicalsupport phone number  1-800-956-0247 for further help. Just Call :1-800-956-0247 Get in touch with us Just Call :1-800-956-0247 1680 Michigan Avenue, Suite 700, Miami Beach, FL, 33139 (U.S) Customer   Business Email: Sales :1-800-956-0247 Customer Service:1-800-956-0247 Website :-