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  • 1. SAC 遊學經驗分享My experience inStudy Abroad CanadaPresented byWofy Lo www.studyincan ada.ca
  • 2. Agenda 愛德華王子島簡介 PEI introduction 校園生活 School life 校園活動 School activities 寄宿家庭 Homestay PEI探索 Discover PEI www.studyincan ada.ca
  • 3. Prince Edward Island 位置: Location 氣候: Weather 首都:Capital City 人口:Population 交通:Transportation www.studyincan ada.ca
  • 4. 校園生活一 School life 上課時間 School hours: 9AM to 3:30PM 課程內容 Courses: Listening, Speaking,Reading, Writing, grammar and TOFEL 課後活動 Library, Gym, Park, Joggingbiking museumwww.studyincanada.ca
  • 5. 校園活動 School Activities 周五校外活動(免費) Free activities on every Fridayafternoon.www.studyincanada.ca
  • 6. 校園活動 School Activities II課外活動永遠不無聊(Never get bored on school activities) www.studyincan ada.ca
  • 7. 寄宿家庭Homestay 家庭成員 Homestay family: Home爸 Home媽, 高三的兒子 兩隻貓與一隻狗 Home parents and one teenager son, 2 cats andone dogwww.studyincanada.ca
  • 8. 探索PEI Discover PEI Biking: the best way to discover the island Islanders are very kind to travelers andstudents.www.studyincanada.ca
  • 9. 探索PEI Discover PEI II Go outside! Don’t miss the beautiful scenerywww.studyincanada.ca
  • 10. SAC and PEI are waiting for U www.studyincan ada.ca
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