The Paycation Compensation Plan 2015


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PowerPoint Presentation Perhaps you’d like to take a Romantic trip to Pair ree? Where you could visit the Eiffel Tower one of The most popular tourist site in the world The Louvre Museum and see the “Mona Lisa” Or maybe you just want to enjoy – fresh Crème Brulee 4 Madinat Jumeirah the Arabian Resort - Dubai Koa Kea Hotel & Resort - Kauai WE SHOW YOU HOW TO… Save money Travel More Save on Taxes Make money “Never depend on a single source of income. You must invest to create a second source.” -Warren Buffet, Billionaire "...[we] believe that the entire [network marketing] industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America's current retirement savings crisis." NETWORK MARKETING -A SOLID SOLUTION 12 Year Old Licensed & Bonded Global Travel Company based in Dallas, TX Paycation is the Marketing Arm of Xstream Travel Successful Certified Travel Consultants Throughout Many Countries Best Certified Training In The Industry Top Travel Producer working with best travel suppliers Travel EARNER OF TOP HONORS & PRODUCTION AWARDS: Funjet Vacations Elite Member/500 Club Carnival Cruise Lines Pinnacle Club Travel-savers Elite Top 50 Award Norwegian Cruise Line NCL President's Club Trafalgar Award of Excellence Royal Caribbean Royal Family Sandals STAR Award Princess Cruises Top Producer Proven Track Record . . . WHO ARE WE? $8 Trillion Industry-Will Grow To $15 Trillion In Next Decade #1 Researched Word On The Internet Between The Hours Of 9am To 5pm Baby Boomers Retire Every 20 Seconds For Next 20 Years Almost Everyone You Know Is Traveling Or Wants To Travel WHY THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY 20 years Direct Selling/Network Marketing Highly accomplished field distributor National sales trainer Industry consultant Compensation plan design specialist David Manning Founder & CEO MEET OUR VISIONARY Mark Campese President 23 years Direct Selling/Network Marketing. Distributor/ Rep - has built and developed large organizations ,from the bottom up, in several Direct/MLM companies. National Sales Trainer - Literally training tens of thousands of distributors in the concepts and methods of success. Donald Bradley VP of Marketing 20 years marketing, sales, and product distribution. Distributor/ Rep who has built and developed large organizations. Featured in Success from Home Magazine, The Walk To Wealth "7 Guiding Principles to Prosperity" and co-published The 3 CEOs Formula. Lori Speers Director of Travel 30 years travel and sales experience. Lori has been instrumental in developing the company's Travel division, which has become a top producer for all established cruise lines . MEET THE LEADERSHIP TEAM Spencer Iverson VP of Business Development Over 20 years of entrepreneurial, business and network marketing experience. Former sports attorney negotiating multi-million dollar performance, marketing and branding contracts. Has earned millions of dollars in the direct sales industry. Twice featured in “Success from Home” magazine and co-author / producer of “The 3 CEOs Formula” and numerous training / personal development series including “Breakfast with the CEOs” Earn 65% up to 75% of the commissions from services booked Priceline Provider Network only works with 500 affiliates You will have your own privately labeled website Over 145,000 hotels Same pricing as, Kayak, AAA Travel Biggest difference is you get paid a commission on something you were doing ANYWAY YOUR OWN TRAVEL BOOKING SITE! BOOK MORE THAN JUST TRAVEL MORE MEMBER BENEFITS! Members Only unique Vacation Club allows you to remove the middle man and travel at wholesale prices: Access to a worldwide selection of over 5500 hotels, resorts and condos in 105 countries. Custom Trips Available for: Corporate Conventions, Incentive Travel, Family & Group Cruises, Destination Weddings, Luxury Vacations, African Safaris and more… TRAVEL CLUB When you become a member of the Vacation Club you have access to: Average cost per condo week is $459, to include resort fees and taxes. You may book online up to one year in advance of your vacation needs. TRAVEL CLUB Same Seat on the Plane Same Cabin on the Cruise Same Room in the Hotel Same Vacation Packages SAME VENDORS & COMPETITIVE PRICING 25 MARKETING WEBSITE 26 When you become a Certified Travel Consultant, you may qualify for industry credentials and take advantage of reduced rate travel on your personal travel: Complete travel training, earn $500 in commissions and receive Xstream Travel credentials. Qualify for CLIA credential. Earn $5,000 in commissions and qualify for personal IATAN credential. BECOME EDUCATED & BENEFIT TRAINING, TOOLS & SUPPORT We have the tools to help your business grow! 28 THE PAYCATION SUCCESS SYSTEM Open 24/7 Ownership & Flexibility No Employees No Quotas No Inventory No Sample Products No Taste Test Multiple Streams of Income No Experienced Required Ongoing Training & Support All from the comfort Of your own home! THE PERFECT BUSINESS WE GET PAID TO TRAVEL Referral travel consultant (rtc) $99.95 and $59.95 monthly subscription fee 65% Commissions Travel Club Membership Professional Online Travel Website Online Travel Booking Website Commission Tracking System Praeco Communication System Virtual Back Office Xstream Travel Certified Training Program 75% in Travel Commissions Ability to Book Directly With Vendors Ability to Book Groups Travel Ability to Earn Top Industry Credentials For Reduced Rates For Personal Travel Access to Net & Reduce Rate Travel And so much more…. BECOME A TRAVEL CONSULTANT TODAY! CERTIFIED travel consultant (Ctc) $149.95 and $59.95 monthly subscription fee COMPENSATION DISCLAIMER The Paycation Travel compensation plan is optional and is not a solicitation to participate, exclusively, in the team building or "recruiting" program. Any reference to potential income is not a guarantee and any income earned will be a product of a business owner's effort and hard work. Sell Travel We sell the opportunity to own your own travel business WHAT DO WE DO? Every time you personally sell a Certified Travel Consultant package you earn $50.00 in Direct Commissions. Barbara  $50 Ron  $50 There is no limit on how many people that you can personally enroll. Nancy  $50 DIRECT SALES COMMISSIONS *PS = Personal Direct Sell *CB = Coded Bonus PS $50 PS $50 Barbara  Ron  Mark  Nancy  CTCs are coded to you starting with your 3rd personally enrolled CTC, and every personally enrolled CTC thereafter . . . through infinity. You receive $20 for every person coded to you. PS $50 CB $20 $70 PS $50 CB $20 $70 Coded To You Coded To You CODED BONUS *PS = Personal Direct Sell *CB = Coded Bonus Nancy  CTCs are coded to you starting with your 3rd personally enrolled CTC, and every personally enrolled CTC thereafter . . . through infinity. You receive $20 for every person coded to you. Coded To You Mark  Coded To You CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 CB $20 PS $50 PS $50 Barbara  Ron  PS $50 CB $20 $70 PS $50 CB $20 $70 CODED BONUS *PS = Personal Direct Sell *CB = Coded Bonus When the people who are personally enrolled and directly coded to you begin to receive their coded bonuses, you earn a 100% Match of their coded bonuses. Remember everyone coded to you will always be coded to you through infinity. (Coded To You) (Coded To You) (Coded To You) PS $50 PS $50 Barbara  Kim  100% MATCHING CODED BONUS $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 Once your first two enrollees get their 3rd enrollee and begin to qualify for coded Bonuses, you earn 150% Match. So every time they earn $20 you earn $30. $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 150% MATCHING CODED BONUS Residual on Coded Earn 8% for each person coded to you who pays their monthly subscription of $59.95. 6 Streams of Residual Income 100% Match on Personals Coded Residual 10% Match on Personals Matrix Earn a 100% match on all the residual coded bonuses your personally enrolled active CTC's earn. Earn a 10% match on Matrix commissions earned by personal enrollments. Business Builder Bonus 8% Match on Coded Matrix Earn 5% bonus starting with your seventh person, personally enrolled, then paid on that person's first six personal enrollments, then that person's first six enrollments etc., to infinity.  Earn 8% Matrix match on all earnings from those coded to you. Strong 3 x 7 Matrix Pays 3 levels wide and 7 levels deep monthly. After your first enrollment, you qualify for payout of the first four levels of the Matrix. Once your matrix commissions are enough to pay for your monthly subscription fee, we will automatically deduct it from your e-wallet, so you will never pay "Out-of-Pocket“. MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME LEVEL Payout Percentage Payout Amount Max per Level Monthly Payout Level 1 5 % $2 3 6 Level 2 15 % $6 9 54 Level 3 5 % $2 27 54 Level 4 5 % $2 81 162 Level 5 20 % $8 243 1,944 Level 6 20 % $8 729 5,832 Level 7 20 % $8 2,187 17, 496 $ 25,552 Qualify for first four levels of the Matrix Mutually earn on downline Matrix commissions. $59.95 is paid from e-wallet earnings… 3X7 RESIDUAL MATRIX 43 Complete Training Qualify for 75% Commission Personally enroll 1 & Qualify for 1-4 levels of Matrix Personally enroll a minimum of 3 Qualify for Coded Bonuses and Qualify for 1-5 levels of the Matrix Personally enroll a minimum of 6 Qualify for Residual Matching Bonuses and 10% Match on Matrix Commission of Personally enrolled Qualify for 1-6 levels of the Matrix Personally enroll a minimum of 15 and Promote a minimum of 3 National Executives Personally enroll a minimum of 20 and Promote a minimum of 3 International Executives Personally enroll a minimum of 10 Qualify for Business Builder Program Qualify for 1-7 levels of the Matrix $600 Lifestyle bonus $1,000 Lifestyle bonus GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL! 44 Build a team of leaders. Qualify with a minimum 3 legs, with 35% coming from any one leg. Receive additional Monthly Guaranteed Bonuses. Rank & Level Size of Team Monthly Guaranteed Income Executive Diamond 300 $1,000 Regional Diamond 500 $ 2,000 National Diamond 1,500 $ 5,000 International Diamond 4,000 $10,000 Presidential Diamond 10,000 $16,000 1 Star Presidential Diamond 25,000 $30,000 2 Star Presidential Diamond 50,000 $50,000 3 Star Presidential Diamond 100,000 $100,000 4 Star Presidential Diamond 250,000 $250,000 5 Star Presidential Diamond 500,000 $500,000 Live Your Dreams BUILD & BECOME A DIAMOND 46