Next gen Chevrolet Niva concept at MIAS 2014 - Press Release


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The Chevrolet Niva concept previewing the next gen SUV has been unveiled at the 2014 Moscow Motor Show. Here is what you need to know about the car. Image Gallery at
  • 1. Chevrolet NIVA Next Generation Concept Unveiling at the MIAS – 2014: the New Generation of the Legendary Offroader Moscow. August 27th, GM-AVTOVAZ Joint Venture presents the Chevrolet NIVA Next Generation Concept at the Moscow International Motor Show. The show car pays tribute to the true off-road character of the Chevrolet NIVA produced by the GM-AVTOVAZ joint venture since 2002. With high road clearance, oversized wheels and tires, an underbody skidplate, a snorkel, a roofrack with a spare wheel on it and, as a highlight, a lightbar, there is no better vehicle to represent Chevrolet's motto - 'Find New Roads'. If need be, the Next Generation NIVA will be able to make them! The Next Generation Chevrolet NIVA will be equipped with a 1.8 L gasoline engine with 30% more torque than today's vehicle. Paired with a 5-speed gearbox, the full-time 4WD SUV will come with a locking differential and a two- speed transfer case - like today's NIVA, it will have high- and low-range gear settings. The interior design of the Concept indicates greater comfort and refinement by including features like power mirrors and door locks, modern safety systems, and fully-integrated infotainment. A special interior gauge package has a number of additional read-outs for travellers: a compass, outside temperature indicator and an inclinometer (slope meter). The Next Generation Chevrolet NIVA is developed and built by a truly international team. Ondrej Koromhaz – born in the former Czechoslovakia, but now working for GM China in Shanghai - was the Lead designer on the Next Generation NIVA exterior and interior; Italian Design house 'Blue Engineering' provided support throughout the engineering and development process; GM- AVTOVAZ local engineering team with the best expertise in how to make the Next Generation NIVA fit 100% to the Russia's rough climate and road conditions. “With the Next Generation Chevrolet NIVA, GM-AVTOVAZ joint venture will offer customers new possibilities thanks to innovation, improved quality and progressive design. Even though this Concept demonstrates a more aggressive stance, visitors to MIAS will immediately recognize the practicality and functionality of the design. The final street vehicle, which comes to market in just under two years, will also have a level of refinement and versatility to make it every bit as welcome in urban environments and big cities. This will be a truly all-in-one car that is designed to be practical in day-to-day-life, yet provides drivers off-road capabilities to allow an escape to realize their passions and hobbies far beyond city borders,” as according to GM-AVTOVAZ Managing Director Jeffrey Glover.
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