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  • 1. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULCopyright 2009-2010Audax Center forEntrepreneurshipISCTE-IUL1Building Global innovators©A unique Global Innovation &Entrepreneurship initiativeGonçalo AmorimProgram DirectorMIT Portugal – Innovation & Entrepreneurship InitiativeISCTE-IUL Business School© ISCTE-IUL, 2012 – All rights reserved1
  • 2. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULBuilding Global Innovators® VentureCompetitionWhat is it?For whom? Teams with a dream:• Would-be Entrepreneurs• Innovators (Start-up / Spin-out under 5y and <2,5M€)• An innovation & entrepreneurship, tech-based Venturecompetition9
  • 3. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULCopyright 2009-2010Audax Center forEntrepreneurshipISCTE-IULIn a nutshell:• International tech-based venture competition• Held once a year, 4thed. launched March14th• 4 Market-application tracks:1. Health-tech2. Smart cities3. IT, Web & Mobile4. Consumer Products and Services10
  • 4. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULBuilding Global innovators©Up to €1 millionin financial support per edition
  • 5. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULCopyright 2009-2010Audax Center forEntrepreneurshipISCTE-IUL5Building Global innovators©Heres our Commitment to 20 teams / edition:- Awards of €1 Million from Caixa Empreender+for the 4 most promising start-ups- Participation in e-teams training, mentoring &business development in Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL)and Boston (MIT)- Participation in invitation-only investmentsessions8
  • 6. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULCopyright 2009-2010Audax Center forEntrepreneurshipISCTE-IUL6Building Global innovators©Our ultimate Goals: Identifying and accelerating seed/early stagetech-based ventures with global valuepropositions Facilitate scaling up of our semifinalists viaseries A Venture financing & connecting globalInnovators to global Investors Encourage international ecosystems &reinforce open & collaborative innovation4
  • 7. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULCopyright 2009-2010Audax Center forEntrepreneurshipISCTE-IUL7Building Global innovators©Our results thus far (24 months): 80% of semi-finalists have launched start-upsfollowing e-teams I crash course Semi-finalists secured financing over €15M(60% from venture capital) 130+ highly qualified jobs created Economic leverage: over 30x (1)1) Ratio of funds raised by semi-finalists of 3 editionsdivided by total initiative cost in same 3 years.3
  • 8. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IUL8Strong & clear Value Propositions: some hints*1. Team: members and fit?2. How big is the problem you are trying to solve?3. What is the underlying technology and uniqueness?4. What makes your product / or service innovative (€)?5. Market: Is there an opportunity for global impact?6. Strong business models and customer acquisitionstrategies/traction* - Please see Rules & Regulations and FAQs available on for detailed information.What are we looking for in our candidates?11
  • 9. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IUL91. CV team / Resume1. Project Brief Description1. 2-Page Executive Summary1. Pitch Presentation: Power Point OR 3-minute video1. 60 second Elevator pitch* - Please see Rules & Regulations and FAQs available on for detailedinformation.Submissions online – www.mitportugal-iei.org11
  • 10. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULBGI Alumni Cos:23
  • 11. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IUL4rd edition (open): key datesMarch 14th Submission period opensMay 31st Deadline for projects submissionJuly 2nd 20 Semi-finalists announcementJuly 23-26th e-teams Crash Course INovember 21st Track Finals eventNovember 22-23th e-teams Crash Course II27th February 2014 Grand Finale eventSpring 2014 e-teams III (@MIT)6
  • 12. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IULNeed more information?In Portugal:Gonçalo AmorimProgram Director, MPP-IEIgoncalo.amorim@iscte.ptIn the USA:Luis Barros, lbarros@mit.eduProgram Director at MIT, MPP-IEI26
  • 13. Copyright 2009-2013ISCTE-IUL26